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New New Towns is an international, multi-disciplinary research program organized by the International New Town Institute (INTI). The New New Towns program is dedicated to improve the urban and social quality of six exceptional New Towns in transition. These cities are experiencing fast urbanization and they face major urban planning issues.

Article by Michelle Provoost
Exporting New Towns. The Welfare City in Africa
Looking at the cities that were built from scratch during the fifties and sixties all over the world, it is astonishing to see how uniform the world population growth was spatially accommodated in places extremely remote and different in culture and political background. The roots of this phenomenon can easily be traced back to the New Towns (...)

article by Merve Bedir
Transformation of Cape Town’s Informal Settlements: “The Pressure Cooker on the Boil”
The apartheid regime in South Africa maintained its rule through the ‘organization of urban space into racially segregated living areas’. Since the regime’s fall [1990], the easing of migration rules to cities have lead to the rapid growth of informal settlements in South Africa’s major cities: In 2010, the total population of informal settlements (...)

article by Jiayao Liu
Farming Chinese New Towns. Rethinking the roles of the agricultural landscape in new town development in China
This short read provides a brief review of my graduation thesis: Farming Guangming: Articulating agricultural landscape and new town development for the “Green City” Guangming in Shenzhen. My thesis questions the current urban development and planning practices when dealing with agriculture in metropolitan areas, and argues that being an (...)

Article by Marco Bontje
Living in Shenzhen: attractive for creatives?
Like many cities across the globe, Shenzhen is attempting to redevelop itself as a ‘creative city’. This policy concept can mean different things to different people. Strategies aiming at becoming a ‘creative city’ refer to attracting and developing cultural and creative industries like architecture, design, media, games, advertising, and of (...)

Article by Joris van Casteren
’Van de idealen komt weinig meer terecht’
Nergens functioneerde de Zweedse welvaartsstaat zo volmaakt als in Tensta en Rinkeby. Als vanzelf veranderden de bewoners er in ’goede, democratische burgers’. Tegenwoordig zijn het achterstandsbuurten waar Zweden liever niet komen. ’Pippi Langslet zeiden ze tegen me! Dat is toch niet normaal?’ In het smetteloze centrum van Stockholm neem ik op (...)

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Opening of the exhibition ‘City Desired’ in Cape Town
The Dutch-South-African teams of the Density Syndicate are presently finalizing their designs for three locations in Cape Town. They will be presented at the exhibition “City Desired”, organized by the African Centre for Cities (ACC) in the City Hall in Cape Town. The exhibition will offer Cape Town residents and visitors insights into the challenges and possibilities facing this unique city: dynamics that echo in cities across the world. This exhibition appears against the backdrop of the World Design Capital (WDC) program, with its focus on “Live Design, Transform (...)

Tonight the exhibition 'City Desired' opens at City Hall in Cape Town. Everything is almost ready!

This Saturday November 1st VPUU organizes a nice festival in an informal settlement in Cape Town. Everybody is invited! (...)

In Cape Town this weekend? Come and visit us at the Day in the Park festival! Tijdlijnfoto's In Cape Town this weekend and (...)