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New New Towns is an international, multi-disciplinary research program organized by the International New Town Institute (INTI). The New New Towns program is dedicated to improve the urban and social quality of six exceptional New Towns in transition. These cities are experiencing fast urbanization and they face major urban planning issues.

article by Rachel Keeton
Real-world testing ground
EU Export
BERLIN (DE) — In a new series, the International New Town Institute (INTI) presents the exportation of European models (urban planning, landscape architecture, social housing, water management, branding tools and technology) to various corners of the world. The influence of German multinational Siemens in the development of ecocity Masdar is (...)

Article by Andrew Reynolds
A Proposal for Inclusive Redevelopment in Shenzhen. Needed: An Intermediate Planning Tool
Shenzhen’s planning system has been extraordinarily successful in promoting economic growth, focusing on generating land development and seeking regional and global investment. It has resulted in the construction of many large urban projects across the city – the ‘hi tech centers’, ‘creative clusters’ and ‘new iconic CBDs’. Many of them are designed (...)

Article by Michelle Provoost
The Openheid State. From closed to open society in Cape Town
It is hard to conceive of a country where contemporary city planning has had a more negative impact on society than in South Africa. In this country, the ‘makeable’ world and social engineering were so ‘successful’ thanks to the apartheid regime that the potential of city planning to shape society has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. In (...)

column by Rachel Keeton
Lost in translation
New town narratives
Parisian banlieues such as Clichy-sous-Bois, Bondy and Corbeil-Essonnes have known their fair share of notoriety in the last decade. Second- and third-generation immigrants in these suburban communities often lack access to job opportunities and suffer from staggering youth unemployment rates. Often cited as a major failure of the French (...)

Article by Joris van Casteren
Albertslund; Berenklauwen in de tuin
This is the fifth installment in Joris van Casteren’s series on New Towns across Europe. In this article from the fall issue of Hollands Diep, Van Casteren explores this Danish New Town and the people that call it home. In new town Albertslund bij Kopenhagen vecht een groepje pioniers voor het behoud van de experimentele bunkerwoningen. In (...)

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‘De Vinexmensen’. (Sub)urbane toekomst bedacht en ontworpen door een community
Start van de community. ‘De Vinexmensen’ is een van de drie communities die in het kader van het Jaar van de Ruimte 2015 is opgericht. Deze community richt zich op de Vinexwijken die in het kader van de Vierde Nota Extra zijn ontstaan. In 2015 vieren ze hun 25-jarige verjaardag. De community is een netwerk van geïnteresseerde personen en instanties, bewoners en ontwerpers, steden en wijken, die zich buigen over wat de Vinex op dit moment is en wat het in de toekomst kan worden. Met behulp van de community worden inzichten verkregen over het type stadscultuur dat inmiddels in de Vinex is (...)

Simone Rots of INTI is part of the Dutch delegation researching the possibilities of the creative industry in Brasil: the Biennale in (...)

We're a fan of @Adam Greenfield in his critique on the smart city, absorbing civic services to pursue private profits: (...)

The prestigious competition for the Global Schindler Award is open: it asks for a design concept for the Shenzhen city district Sungang (...)