Sidi Abdellah, Algeria, Africa
Year2008latitude: 36° 40'
longitude: 2° 53'
Initiator(s)EPA-ANSA + Canadian International
Planning organizationÉtablissement Publique pour l’Aménagement de l’Agglomération Nouvelle de Sidi Abdellah (EPA-ANSA), Algeria and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Algeria, EMAAR (Dubai)
Nationality initiator(s)Algeria, Canada
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organizationKeangnam Enterprises Ltd
Target population200,000
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type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
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New housing blocks in Sidi Abdellah on the edge of the countryside.
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The technopole of Sidi Abdallah is situated at 30 km western south of Algiers. This site covers a surface of 1,870 hectares through the municipalities of Mahelma and Rahmania. It comprises three technology parks, which will be able to accommodate firms specialized in advanced technologies, and an industrial park:

Technopark El Boustène
Technopark Ibnou-Sina
Cyber Park
Park of Sidi Bennour

International cooperation: The World Bank has started in 2002 an ICT Development Support Project in cooperation with the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications with the aim of creating an enabling environment and improve access to efficient and affordable ICT services, facilitate private sector development growth in ICT sector; improve the competitiveness of local ICT companies; and foster the efficiency of government in delivery of services. Among these aims the project intends to support also the development of new ICT companies through the so-called "Net-enterprise" development program. The programme envisages support to the set-up of the CyberPark and an incubation facility, "Technobridge Incubator" with the technology park to support ICT R&D initiatives and/or start-up companies with innovative projects; to set a seed capital R&D grants mechanism to support IT start-ups and innovative SMEs and providing institutional development support to the Institut National des Telecommunications (INT) and to the Ecole Centrale des Postes et Telecommunications to renew its curricula and courses on ICT management and cyberentrepeneurship.


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