Ningo-Prampram, Ghana, Africa
Year2015latitude: 5° 42'
longitude: 0° 5'
Initiator(s)Ningo Prampram District Authorities, Dutch Creative Industries Fund working under the auspices of UN Habitat
Planning organizationFABRICations, MLA+, Mixst Urbanisme, More Architecture, OKRA Landscape Architects
Nationality initiator(s)Ghananian
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organizationFABRICations, MLA+, Mixst Urbanisme, More Architecture, OKRA Landscape Architects, UN-Habitat
Inhabitants83,603 (2018)
Target population1,500,000
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Ningo-Prampram began in 2015 with an Urban Lab co-organized by UN-Habitat and the Dutch Creative Industries Fund. The district of Ningo-Prampram is part of the greater Accra Agglomeration, and it accommodates the incredible growth of Accra, which is already on its way. Within 30 years, Accra grew from a city with a radius of 10 km into a continuous, urban agglomeration that stretches over 60 km along the coastline. In 2020, it is expected to have a population of 4.2 million. Due to the city’s rapid growth, the speed of speculation has consistently outpaced the speed of planning, resulting in regular severe flooding, daily traffic collapse and the absence of basic utilities and services in many parts of the agglomeration.

The district of Ningo-Prampram will become a planned extension of the city of Accra, but it does not aim to adopt a top-down organised blueprint. Rather, the developers aim to provide the foundations for a naturally evolving city. Both local and national government parties and the private sector have shown much interest in the plan. All support its aim of installing a steering committee concerned with the decision-making process and a development body which ought to guide the implementation of the masterplan. As we speak, a Ghanaian-Dutch team of planners, urban and landscape designers (MLA+, More Architecture, FABRICations, MIXST Urbanisme, and OKRA), and water and infrastructure experts are designing the 1002 km new city. In the future, the Accra expansion of Ningo Prampram will accommodate a significant account of the current growth in the Greater Accra Agglomeration.

The city’s design is informed by an orthogonal grid that breaks apart at natural features such as rivers, allowing for food production and water retention. The plan for Ningo-Prampram mixes the low- and mid-rise township and a network consisting of food production, urban farming, administrative area, community centres, health care facilities, schools, informal activity areas.

source: INTI

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