Partizánske (Baťovany), Slovakia, Europe
Year1939latitude: 48° 37'
longitude: 18° 22'
Initiator(s)Jan Antonin Bat'a
Planning organization
Nationality initiator(s)
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organization
Inhabitants22,000 (2018)
Target population
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Flower tribute to the many shoes produced in Partizanske.

Central axis in socialist-realist style
source: Nagy Richard,

Statue of Antonin Bat'a, Partizanske
source: wiki/Partiz%C3%A1nske

Overview of main axis (below) and workers houses.
source: wiki/Partiz%C3%A1nske

"Partizánske is a relatively young town. Its history starts in 1938–1939, when Jan Antonín Baťa of Zlín and his powerful network of companies built a shoe factory in the cadastral area of Šimonovany municipality. The newly created settlement for workers carried the name of Baťovany and was part of Šimonovany. With the growth of the factory, so grew the settlement. The whole municipality was renamed to Baťovany in 1948 and given town status. As a sign of recognition of local inhabitants fighting in the Slovak National Uprising, the town was renamed Partizánske on 9 February 1949.[2] The factory was renamed by communists to Závody 29. augusta (29 August works) and it produced 30 million pairs of shoes and employed around 10,000 people.[3] However, after a failed privatisation in the 1990s, only a fraction is left now."


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