Songdo (New Songdo City, Songdo International Business District), South Korea, Asia
Year1996latitude: 37° 23'
longitude: 126° 39'
Initiator(s)Gale International and Korea's POSCO E&C with the City of Incheon
Planning organizationGale company
Nationality initiator(s)
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organizationKohn Petersen Fox (KPF)
Target population65,000
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Literature- Ahn, Kun-Hyuck and Lee, Chang-Moo. “Five new towns in the Seoul metropolitan area and their attractions in non-working trips: Implications on self-containment of new towns” Habitat International Volume 29, Issue 4, December 2005, pp. 647-666
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New Songdo City is built on reclaimed land off the coast of Incheon. Everything about the new town is high-tech. With all its gadgetry, however, the new town looks surprisingly twentieth century. It remains to be seen whether Songdo will age gracefully, or become obsolete as its technology ages.

source: Rachel Keeton

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