Irvine, United Kingdom, Europe
Year1966latitude: 55° 37'
longitude: -4° 40'
PeriodMark 2
Planning organizationDevelopment Corporation
Nationality initiator(s)U.K.
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organization
Inhabitants50,000 (2011)
Target population116,000
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Literature- 'New Towns World-Wide', A.K. Constandse, E.Y. Galantay, T. Ohba (ed.), IFHP, The Hague 1985

type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
New Town
Company Town
> client
Private Corporation
Public Corporation
> policy
"In response to the 1966 Scottish Economy White Paper, which stressed the need for Scotland to attract more jobs in new industries and build more and better houses in good-quality environments, Irvine was designated as a New Town to provide a growth point for industrial expansion in Ayrshire. The fifth Scottish New Town, Irvine was different from its predecessors in that it was designed to meet housing demand arising from a rapid increase in labour and industrial development. In response to recession in the 1990s, the Development Corporation sought to reduce unemployment by improving the town’s social and environmental conditions. Today, Irvine is the primary retail centre within North Ayrshire. A number of regeneration and employment initiatives are currently under way to revitalise the town."

source: Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA)

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