Redditch, United Kingdom, Europe
Year1968latitude: 52° 19'
longitude: -1° 55'
PeriodMark 2
Planning organizationDevelopment Corporation
Nationality initiator(s)U.K.
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organization
Inhabitants84,000 (2011)
Target population90,000
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type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
New Town
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"Redditch was already a market town of notable size when in 1964 it was designated as the second New Town (after Telford) aimed at relieving overcrowding in the West Midlands conurbation. It was designed to accommodate around 33,000 people (mainly from Birmingham) over a period of 15 years, with the existing town forming the nucleus of the New Town. Redditch was one of the first New Towns with a distinctive emphasis on public transport rather than the private car. It developed largely as the masterplan envisaged. Today, the New Town accounts for 50% of the borough area and 93% of its population. The emerging Local Plan recognises the influence of Redditch’s New Town status on its transport networks, open space, economy, and local distinctiveness."

source: Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA)

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