Geretsried, Germany, Europe
Year1950latitude: 47° 51'
longitude: 11° 28'
Planning organizationNone
Nationality initiator(s)None
Designer(s) / Architect(s)Karl Lederer
Design organizationNone
Inhabitants24,000 (2006)
Target population
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Geretsried is located circa 40 kilometres to the south of M√ľnchen, in the federal state of Bayern in East Germany, near the Isar, Starnberger See and the Alpesn. Before the development of the town, the area of Geretsried was inhabited by farmers. Just before the outbreak of the war in 1937 two ammunition factories were built: the Dynamit Aktien Gesellschaft and the Deutsche Sprengchemie, in the boroughs of what is today called Gartenberg and Stein. Most of the workers were guest workers of the GDR. At the end of the war the factory was bombed, but remains of the old situation are still visible today.

Urban plan and design & realization
The first inhabitants of the area after the war were refugees, who lost their homes because of the war and were looking in Geretsried for a new 'Heimat'. They settled in the barracks of the former factory workers and in the existing town hall. With the less amount of property they tried to create homes, but the living conditions were miserable. Karl Lederer was a mandatory and had sympathies for these refugees. He requested the municipality of Gelting to handover the area to make an independent municipality of Geretsried. The new municipality started with an ambitious housing programm for the still growing population. The population was attracted by the new factories that were built in the enlarged industrial area.

Present situation
Geretshied became an independent city in 1970. In 2006 the city had a surface of almost 25 square kilometres and a population of more than 23,000.

source: Saskia Hulskes

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