Gellerup-parken, Denmark, Europe
Year1967latitude: 56° 9'
longitude: 10° 7'
Planning organization
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Design organizationKnud Blach Petersens Arkitektfirma
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type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
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Located on the outskirts west of Aarhus - Denmark's second largest town of about 300,000 inhabitants - the Gellerup plan (containing the Gellerup park, Holmstrup, Gellerup student residence and the Gellerup Centre) was made on Braband Housing Association's initiative. 1,776 dwellings were build in Gellerup-parken and 6000 in the plan as a whole. The goal was to create a whole new district with schools, shopping and apartments for people with an average income of high standard. The Gellerup Centre was to have not only local people shopping, but attract visitors from allover in Aarhus. As the vicious spiral began already in the 70s, the centre changed its name to City Vest.

In 1996 Arkitektgruppen in Aarhus was commissioned to renovate parts of the area. The landscape has been transformed, and today there is an alley, playgrounds and a well-cared-for landscape.

In the category of 'future plans' there's an interesting project for social renewal of this area which is almost completely occupied by immigrants (90%). An exotic bazar was openend in a former factory (1996) and about 60 people have opened a business here. There are ongoing discussions in the area about whether to build a mosque or not. Organizations have established to fight for and against.


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