Avedøre Stationsby, Denmark, Europe
Year1968latitude: 55° 37'
longitude: 12° 26'
Planning organization
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Design organizationKooperativ Byggeindustri A/S et.al.
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Town related linkshttp://www.avedoere-selskabet.dk/Stationsbyen/stationsbyen.htm

type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
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The planning of Avedøre Stationsby started in 1962; it was to be one of the first stops on the Køge Bay S-train line and an ideal working town. The 70 ha big Avedøre Stationsby is build in concrete as an urban density area with semi detached houses surrounded by a city wall of four floor houses and one high rise building, marking the line to the open country. 2,300 apartments in all of good quality, averagely 86 m2 big and with nice gardens. The detached house boom in the 70s rendered the town superfluous and made it an accumulation of socially disadvantaged people. 75% of the inhabitants are without formal profession competence and 37% are immigrants (2002).

Meanwhile the trees of the town have grown big, and in 1997 Avedøre Stationsby was made part of 'Kvarterløft' ('quarter uplift'). Arts and culture projects have been initiated to beautify the worn-down concrete town and to create dialogue and friendship between the citizens. Functional art works have been put up in the area - on the square for instance a big sheep head in cast iron has been put up, functioning as sculpture and playhouse. Criminality has been decreasing in the latest years.

In this area, south of Copenhagen, more large scale social housing developments have taken place, whilst the north of Copenhagen is predominantly a landscape of big villas inhabited by wealthy people. In 1996 the museum of modern art Arken (the arc) opened south of Copenhagen to integrate the area in Danish culture life.


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