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’New Towns |
New Territories’
Thursday September 27, 2012 Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam
New Players in Urban Planning

Date: Thursday September 27, 2012.
Place: Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Time: 9 am – 7 pm.

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The conference ’New Towns | New Territories’ explores the latest innovations in global urbanization, privatization and new organizational models of urban development as well as the impact and challenges for professional practice.

Global urbanization is moving at a faster pace than ever before and it is showing a fundamental shift in its structure and organization. Hundreds of economic, eco and satellite cities are being developed by private companies. Not only in Asia, but also in Europe. The growing privatization has led to an increased dynamic between client, investor, developer, designer, builder and end-user. The organizational models shift with each new urban development as alliances, politics and financial interests change.

We want to know: Who are the new players in the field of urban development? What visions, ambitions and strategies do they have? What innovations and financial models make these cities possible? And, perhaps most importantly: how will these new approaches change the quality of life in our future cities?