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Course "NieuweStedenStudies"
June 11, 2013
Organized in collaboration with Trancity and the Han Lammers Leerstoel

NieuweStedenStudies (offered in Dutch) will search for the characteristics of the suburban city. What opportunities are there and how should we develop New Towns in the future? How can we organize and shape the physical restructuring? What social measures can stimulate a vital city? The two-day program starts with investigating the original ambitions, design and realization of the New Towns and examines how these aspects have taken shape over time. The course will focus especially on what the future of these cities will look like and how we can develop strategies for a social and spatial form of suburban urbanism.

The lessons that can be drawn from the publication Atlas Nieuwe Steden ("Atlas of Dutch New Towns") and the recently published report New Cities in the Randstad by the Planning Bureau for the Environment are the basis for the latest INTI course ("New Towns Studies"). The course is open to civil servants, designers, and policy makers interested or working in new cities.

NieuweStedenStudies is not only about the transfer of knowledge, but also about the translation of that knowledge in practice, using excursions, discussions and workshops. The program focuses primarily on Almere, Capelle aan den IJssel, Haarlemmermeer, Houten, Lelystad, Nieuwegein, Purmerend, Spijkenisse and Zoetermeer.

Speakers include:

- Ivan Nio: Suburban urbanity

- Like Bijlsma: Public domain

- Hans Vermeulen: New living environments.

- Gerard Marlet: Competitiveness

- Arnold Reijndorp: Resilient city

- Joost Beunderman: Self-organization

Click here for more information about the course (in Dutch).

Contact person: Saskia Hulskes s.hulskes

Language: Dutch
Date: June 11 and September 10, 2013
Locations: Nieuwegein and Zoetermeer
Cost: € 500 (excl. btw) for two days. One day is also possible for € 295; contact Trancity for details.

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