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The Making Of The Clay Oven in Alamar that survived Irma

While in the Netherlands and Western Europe we are slowly developing a participatory approach to the city, in the New Town Alamar (Havana, Cuba) more than 100.000 people already live in self-built apartment blocks since the 70’s. Also 95% of vegetables consumed in Alamar are locally produced in large urban agriculture farms. To strengthen and revive this spirit of DIY in architecture and food production, INTI is organizing with Cuban partners a series of community events, fuelling the unique potentials of Alamar. 

The clay oven was built in the Organoponico Vivero (urban farm) with workers from the farm under the inspiring guidance of Rotterdam chef Derk Jan Wooldrik (known from his adventurous work in restaurants Lux, Bird, Kino and Tandoor 104). While hurricane Irma destroyed large parts of the organoponico, the oven was solid enough to survive. An exquisite lunch, using produce from the farm, showed the potential of the oven. The delicious sour dough bread was an instant hit and an addition to the Alamar menu.

If you’d like to build an oven yourself, here’s the (Spanish) manual.

The program in Alamar will continue with an electronic music concert in the amphitheatre in November, a design workshop in spring 2018, an artist-in-residency program and an architecture film festival in the abandoned cinema.

Thanks to our sponsors:
> Creative Industries Fund
> Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Havana
> Heineken International B.V.