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Department of Design

Dutch and South African co-create program

The Dutch Government organized a three week manifestation to promote and support Dutch and South-African collaboration as part of their contribution to World Design Capital Cape Town 2014. INTI participated in this program with the Density Syndicate on July 10, 2014.

Department of Design was a temporary space. It ran for three weeks and featured key note speakers, workshops, demonstrations and activities as part of a set programme. A parallel programme presented events organised by local participants. All activities at Department of Design involved collaboration and contribute to the conversation.

There were many ways to participate in Department of Design. It was a free event, and visitors were invited to attend activities free of charge. There was a pop-up café, Wi-Fi and a play-space with educational toys designed by our partners.

A trade mission from the Netherlands took part in Department of Design. This includes a delegation of 60 companies with an interest in developing business relationships in South Africa. There was also be a number of representatives from local and international businesses, academia and government.

The Netherlands has already been involved in collaborating with South Africa. The Netherlands is South Africa’s third largest EU-trading partner. It is also the largest importer of goods from the Western Cape and the second largest investor in that area after the UK. With Department of Design, South African and Dutch innovators could continue to collaborate and concrete a sustainable future.

The New Town Institute participated in the Department of Design by presenting their preliminary results of their research-by-design project Density Syndicate. On july 10, 2014 the design teams presented their results for a targeted audience and Michelle Provoost and Edgar Pieterse gave a key-note speech.