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The International New Town Day 2017
New Towns as Cities of Comings and Goings

6 March
In the light of the present challenges posed - worldwide - by migration, INTI’s annual conference will this year examine New Towns as Cities of Comings and Goings: what is their identity, diversity and culture as places where people migrate to (...)

Why the International New Town Day in Milton Keynes?
2 March
MILTON KEYNES, a New Town of around 260,000 people some 50 miles from London, is famous for its American-style road grid and its high-modernist shopping mall. But this place, also known as pleasant but dull, has become a lot more colourful in (...)

2 March
Ivan Nio, senior researcher, The Netherlands Dr. Ivan Nio is a senior researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences as well as an independent researcher and consultant. His particular interest lies in the tension and mutual (...)

Program conference 28 June
2 March
The International New Town Day 2017 is hosted in Milton Keynes (UK) on June 28th, 2017, as part of an Urban Fest celebrating the city’s 50th anniversary. It is combined with a Welcome Soirée (June 27th), a tour excursion (June 29th) and (...)

Welcome Soirée 27 June
1 March
Curated by the Milton Keynes Art Center MKGallery, the evening will include Talks with representatives from the City Council followed by film projections, performances and drinks. Contributors include: Neil Sainsbury - head of Urban (...)

Newsletter February 2017
14 February
> 200+ New Towns in Africa added to the INTI database! Africa is no longer the rural continent many people think it is. On the contrary: it is the fastest urbanizing continent in the world. Chinese, Korean, Singaporean firms, American, English (...)

International New Town Day 2017 New Towns as Cities of Comings and Goings: Presents & Futures
27 January
On the 28th of June 2017, INTI will organise the second edition of the International New Town Day. This will be a one-day conference in Milton Keynes proposing a reflection on presents and future challenges and opportunities of New Towns as (...)

Newsletter January 2017
10 January
A Happy and Inspiring 2017! At INTI, we’re starting the year with a promising program. This is our agenda: We’ll be doing 4 New Town Labs We’ll continue our international research project A City of Comings and Goings There’s going to be (...)

Newsletter November 2016
16 November 2016
This and next week, INTI is participating in two events: > TU Braunschweig: Urban Africa Africa is the least urbanized continent, but at the same time its urban growth is the fastest in global comparison. Although urban growth is currently (...)

New Town Radio
15 November 2016
Three weeks ago, October 19th, INTI was in Quito, Ecuador for the Habitat III conference with Jorn Konijn. We made a full day of radio, talking to architects, planners, artists, local activist and policy-makers to discus the future of living in (...)

New Towns; Challenges and Opportunities
19 October 2016
What are the most important challenges and opportunities on the agenda of New Towns? How can questions of livability, demography, participation, work, accessibility and mobility be transformed into guidelines for the design of new towns? By (...)

INTI@Habitat III - activities
9 October 2016
From Oct 13-21 INTI will be based in Quito at the Habitat III conference and is looking forward to welcome you. Check out the INTI’s activities agenda and join us! Expert Group Meeting 
’Achieving Sustainable New Town Development in Developing (...)

INTI at Habitat III in Quito
29 September 2016
Our event “New Towns; laboratories for implementation of the New Urban Agenda” has been selected as part of the official program of the Habitat III conference. As our partner, member, colleague or friend, we invite you to join our event in Quito! (...)

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