Placemakers connects professionals, enterpreneurs and locals in unexpected ways in urban spaces. By Placemaking we create and empower neigborhoods and networks from their own strength.

Placemakers is a non-profit advice and design studio. We are an interdisciplinary team of (landscape) architects and sociologists with compassion for public space. Our goal is to collectively create a place, i.e. Placemaking. Placemaking is boosting an area through initiating of small-scale initiatives, which improves the use of the public space. The ultimate goal is to increase the living environment and the networks of this neighbourhood. To reach this goal we do social, spatial research on LOCATION, we make plans with stakeholders throughout CO-CREATION, realise physical ACTIONS and TRANSFER responsibility to local owners. With assignments from government, corporations and other area developers, Placemakers cultivates projects that revitalize the living environment; such as a communal garden, a community open air stage and a participative branding campaign.