Samson, Kristine
Performative Potentials in the Shaping and Redevelopment of New Towns

Kristine Samson is a Ph.D. Scholar at Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial change, Research Unit MOSPUS (Space, Place, Mobility and Urban Studies at Roskilde University. As part of her Ph.D. project Performative Aesthetics in Urban Space she is collaborating with JUUL | FROST Architects’ Research and Communications unit on the project Urban Space as a Catalyst for Change. She has MA in Modern Culture and Communications from Copenhagen University (2004), and has been working as an editor at the Museum Tusculanum Press and the film magazine Mifune. Furthermore she has been doing consultancy in urban planning and culture for Forstadskonsulenterne and Kultur & Kommunikation in Denmark.


Performative Potentials in the Shaping and Redevelopment of New Towns

The project focuses on the aesthetics of urban space as a strategy for urban development. It examines the relations between the aesthetical, physical or historical structures in urban space, the sensory experiences of the urban space as well as the socio-cultural life reacting to it.
The notion of performativity is applied to define the processes, events and relations taking place within the socio-spatial framework of urban space. Performativity has been used in several academic disciplines throughout the 20th century. Thus this cross-disciplinary notion gives us the opportunity to bridge various research fields (architecture, human geography, 11 planning, cultural studies and sociology) gaining new knowledge of the different perspectives on urbanity.


The project is an industrial Ph.D. between JUUL | FROST Architects and Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change, Roskilde University