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New Towns | New Narratives is an initiative of the European network of 14 New Towns, consisting of 18 partners, all over Europe. The aim of the network is to exchange ideas and experiences on the necessary reinvention of these towns, that share a lot in common. Despite the original ambitions, nowadays these New Towns have become outdated. More...

Dutch New Towns

In the Netherlands, almost two million people live in New Towns built mostly in the 1970s. How can these planned cities adjust to present needs, strengthen their identities and become better places to live? More...

New Towns have always been places characterized by migration: by definition, they have no 'original' inhabitants - every resident is a migrant. As such, New Towns are the prototypical 'Arrival Cities'. More...

The future of green heritage
In the 1970s, the construction of expansion districts and new cities (the "growth centers") applied new concepts for the creation of public space and green structures. In the wake of the Club of (...)
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Over de planning van de Zuiderzeepolders in het algemeen en die van Lelystad in het bijzonder zijn vele studies en publicaties verschenen. Alleen al in de bibliotheek van het International New (...)
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International New Town Day 2021

The International New Town Day 2021, that took place on the 29th of November 2021, was an online expertmeeting where the themes of the discussion were ‘Minorities’ and ‘Telling the story’. The (...)
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Een onvoltooid project - deel 2
15 kansen voor onze Groeikernen

Dit boekje is onderdeel van het doorlopende programma “Een onvoltooid project”, waarin het International New Town Institute de Groeikernen in Nederland onderzoekt, adviseert en van toekomstbeelden en scenario’s voorziet. Eerder verscheen het essay “Over de Toekomst van onze Groeikernen”.

Michelle Provoost
Een onvoltooid project
Over de toekomst van onze Groeikernen
Wie aan de Nederlandse steden denkt, denkt allereerst aan de bekende historische steden in de Randstad, daarna misschien nog aan Groningen, Zwolle of Maastricht, maar niet veel mensen zullen de ‘Groeikernen’ of ‘Overloopsteden’ als echte steden beschouwen. Het zijn ook geen steden waar je als buitenstaander (...)

article by Aneta Vasileva
An Industrial New Town in Bulgaria develops its ambiguous cultural heritage.

There is one famous photomontage of John Heartfield for a November 1933 issue of the Arbeiter-Illustrierte-Zeitung (AIZ). A courtroom in Leipzig. An enormous Georgi Dimitrov is looming over a small, hands-on-hips Göring, who is angrily spitting words at him. This montage addresses the Reichstag fire trial of (...)

article by Simone Rots
The Squatted New Town, Modern Movement meets Self-organisation in Venezuela
On the 6th of January 2021 Simone Rots defended her PhD research “The Squatted New Town, Modern Movement meets Self-organisation in Venezuela” at Delft, University of Technology. She has completed this research at the Department of Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture, with Han Meyer as promotor, Remon Rooij (...)

The New New Towns program is dedicated to improving the urban and social quality of a selection of exceptional New Towns and planned communities in transition. More...

New Towns on the Cold War Frontier is a history of New Towns worldwide, built during the political turmoil of the Cold War period. More...