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With TUD/UvA
Lecture series:’New Towns on the Frontier of Geopolitics’
ECTS: 10
Spring Semester 2012
Lecture Course with Wouter Vanstiphout, Michelle Provoost, Arnold Reijndorp, Len de Klerk, Cor Wagenaar, Ivan Nio, Marinke Steenhuis, Rachel Keeton. Excursions to New Towns in the Netherlands and abroad.

With TUD
Masterclass ’Van wie is de Stad?’
In commission of the municipality of Almere, INTI is organizing a masterclass entitled ‘Van Wie is De Stad?’ (Who owns the city?) for municipal employees (policy makers and advisors).

Irregularly organized masterclasses with internationally reknowned designers or scholars, open to students interested in New Town related subjects.

PhD meetings
Yearly international meetings for PhD kandidates studying New Town related subjects.