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New Towns | New Territories
Thursday September 27, 2012 Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam
New Players in Urban Planning

New Players in Urban Planning

Date: Thursday September 27, 2012.
Place: Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Time: 9 am – 7 pm.

Global urbanization is moving at a faster pace than ever before and it is showing a fundamental shift in its structure and organization. The increase in privatization has led to an increased dynamic between client, investor, developer, designer, builder and end-user. The organizational models shift with each new urban development as alliances, politics and financial interests change. Organizations are forced to re-define their role, goal and added value and find new methods, approaches and coalitions in a constantly shifting territory where interests are often conflicting while organizations involved are interdependent.
The title of the conference, ‘New Towns | New Territories’ refers to both new cities in a very literal way, as well as to innovative models of urban development practice. The title therefore implies our fascination with both the physical and organizational shifts taking place.

The trigger to organize this 5th international INTI-conference was provided by the research behind the latest INTI publication “Rising in the East, Contemporary New Towns in Asia”. The project on contemporary Asian New Towns began with an extensive inventory of almost 400 examples planned (or constructed) since 1990. The investigation lasted three years and was the collective effort of various parties, including researchers, designers, local photographers, journalists and academics.

New Sondo

The conference presentations and discussions have a multi-disciplinary approach and focus on two main questions: ‘What’s happening?’ and ‘What’s next?’
What’s happening? Where are the shifts taking place? Who are the new players in the field of urban development and what visions, ambitions and strategies do they have? How are the new cities organized and financed? How do they work? What kinds of new business, planning and political models are being used to develop these new cities? How are the new cities governed? What is the quality of life? Are the new cities attractive and exciting?
What’s next? How does it change the way we think about cities and how we contribute to improve urban development? What are the opportunities and what are the challenges? What is the impact on our roles and responsibilities? What are sustainable models or mechanisms for future cities? Is a market-based planning model a viable alternative for contemporary Western models?

Four Case studies
To help answer these questions we will look at four case studies in four sessions as an inspiration and starting point for the discussion:

- New Songdo, South Korea.
- Lavasa, India.
- Strand East, United Kingdom.
- Parades/Living PlanIT, Portugal.

In each session four speakers will give a short presentation (two experts on the city, and two additional insights) followed by 30-45 minutes of discussion. The discussions will focus on the characteristics, advantages and challenges for each organizational model, their differences and similarities, projections of how we might apply those market-based models in other parts of the world and suggestions of how to enhance the quality of life in new urban environments.

Speakers will include key-representatives of: CISCO, Lavas Corporation Ltd, Royal Haskoning/ DHV, HOK, Bloomberg Businessweek, Landprop/ InterIKEA, Municipality of Newham, TU Delft, Living PlanIT, Buro Happold, Balonas Menano, Institute for International Development, MVRDV, and independent critics.

We are proud and excited to bring together an incredibly rich and diverse group of decision makers and CEOs, media leaders and scholars to discuss the future of the world’s urban development. The target group includes e.g. developers, governmental organizations, urban planners, investors, engineers, researchers, architects, designers, sociologists, infrastructure experts and scholars.

This conference is the 5th International Conference organized by the International New Town Institute (INTI), in collaboration with the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (I&M) and Volume magazine. Online documentation by tegenlicht.vpro.nl.

For this event a limited amount of tickets is available.

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