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To build a city in Africa
- A History and a Manual

During this session we will present the book ’URBAN AFRICA - A handbook for new planned cities’ (eds. Rachel Keeton, Michelle Provoost) which offers the opportunity to discuss how to improve the New Town developments currently planned or under construction in Africa.

Urbanization is happening faster in Africa than on any other continent. The vast majority of this urbanisation is unregulated and unplanned. At the same time, New Towns are being privately developed for the ‘middle’ and upper-income groups as an alternative to what are seen as ‘crowded’, ‘congested’ and ‘unmanageable’ cities.

Future New Towns can be an opportunity to address environmental and social issues proactively rather than contributing to existing challenges. Until now, very little has been published on the most recent generation of urban extensions, new towns and cities in Africa, despite the massive social, financial, ecological, and political implications of these new developments.

The book presents the research by INTI and UN-Habitat with in-depth case studies, comparative analysis and large data sets in a clear and visually engaging manner - making information available to the public for the very first time.
Moreover, a manual, included in the book, offers guidelines for improving the planning and urban design of New Towns, open for discussion with a variety of stakeholders from government, commercial parties, scientists and grassroots organisations.

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