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International New Town Day 2018: New Town Boom Town

After two successful International New Town Days in Almere (2016) and Milton Keynes, UK (2017) we bring back this day of coming together and sharing experiences to the Netherlands. We invite you to the annual International New Town Day, themed New Town Boom Town, in Rotterdam on Thursday, November 15th.

Ten years after the global financial crisis of 2008, the construction sector is again operating at full speed worldwide. A growing economy goes hand in hand with urbanization and New Towns are again on the agenda everywhere. This no longer applies only to China and Asia, but increasingly also to Africa.

  • Are these cities good enough to stand the test of time or are they purely commercial projects that only aggravate the most urgent contemporary problems - inequality, segregation, climate change? What resources can be provided from urban planning and design to make New Towns future proof?

Meanwhile in the Netherlands, the former growth centers are starting to grow again, some four decades after their birth.

  • Is the pressure on the Randstad an opportunity for a long-awaited quality improvement of these cities? And what role can the young heritage of architecture and urbanism from the 70s and 80s play in this?

International New Town Day 2018: New Town Boom Town is a day in which an international group of designers, planners, activists, developers, policy makers, students and historians presents and exchanges knowledge and ideas, engages in dialogue about shared interests and new collaborations.

If you are interested in participating, or if you would like to receive more information, please contact INTI via

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